On daddy's bike!





Eileen and Luke with Grandma Kitty   (Phil's step-mother)

Sacked out after a good feeding!

Hanging out after Jason's cousin Carie got married.

Eileen & Luke with Amy & 6 mo. old Reese

Junior sure loves his momma!

We pose as Luke eats his blanket.........  sounds about right.

Great Grandma Elsie - 90years.  Little baby Luke - 4 months!

Awe, how sweet.

Even sweeter!

Luke kept asking - are we there yet?  10 hour drive from GA to VA was a blast!

But it was all worth it! 

There was never a dull moment and great grams' house!

Even Aunt Joyce and Cousin Blakely from Kansas were there!

So..........Luke took a nap on them too!

A lil close up shot with junior and daddy.  (Luke was busy watching football)

Then it was play time with 2nd-cousin Reese!

Reese probed Luke to make sure he was real.

Then some more patting.  Look at her face!  Hmmm, what's this thing?  A boy?

Yeah, it's ok..........we can play now!

Let's hold hands and tell a story...........

Hmmmmm, your shirt sleeve looks tasty - mind if I have a nibble?

Having so much fun..........

And then come the eye swat.  Junior took it like a man and giggled it off.

Uh oh - a nose probe session was next.

Then it came - -  the big smooch... Look at the next photo for their reactions..........

Typical:  Boy is elated, girl is disgusted!     Hillarious - I love it!